Government and Military

MAST Technology has a long history in contracting to the U.S. Government and Military dating back to Brass Extrusion Labs Ltd. in Bensenville, IL from 1973-1988. These contracts, R&D projects, testing and Load, Assemble, and Pack (LAP) mainly focus around ammunition and weapons. We are currently ISO 9001:2000 third-party certified at our facility. We are a small business, incorporated in Nevada.

  • CAGE #: 3aza1, DUNS: 115419769
  • CAGE #: 0PD33, DUNS: 621286939
  • 816-796-0480Assistant – ext. 23Tony Seco - ext. 24


  • Tight tolerance ammunition loading – +/- .0008 grains, i.e. sniper
  • Ammunition manufacturing equipment – new, rebuilt, used, i.e. loading and tracer charge.
  • Ballistic Testing
  • Ballistic Equipment Setup and Sales
  • Tracer Ammunition
  • Specialty Ammunition – 40mm
  • Ammunition – Load, Assemble Pack – (LAP)
  • Assembly processes – multiple hand/automated processes
  • Future plans – Flares and Flare ammunition

Current & Past Contracts

Item #1

  • 1305-01-157-2460
  • 9mm SMAW MK 217-0
  • Customers: LAP of USMC Spotting Cartridge for Naval Surface Weapon Command-Dahlgren Division and the Army’s Operational Support Command-Rock Island, IL.Description: This round is part of the Shoulder Mounted Assault Weapon (SMAW) 83mm rocket family. The cartridge is used to match the trajectory of the rocket and is used to ‘sight in’ the rocket. The cartridge is a 9mm rifle cartridge with a High/Low system to have the cartridge arc more like the rocket path.

Item #2

  • 1310-01-211-8073
  • 40mm M781 Training Practice
  • LAP of 40mm M781 for OSC Rock Island and other government agencies.Description: Utilizing ARMS funding we have re-activated building 139 to assemble this training and practice round. The round has a plastic blue nose cone that contains an orange ‘talc’ powder for report upon contact with the ground or target. MAST will use automate 95% of the LAP using two machines. Building 139 at LCAAP was formerly used to assemble 20mm HEDP rounds. It has 26 load bays and access to several magazines for propellant storage. The NATO approved ballistic range will be used for testing and Lot Acceptance Testing. We look forward to many future contracts at this facility.

Item #3

  • 1375-01-442-0939 (Marines), 375-01-415-1235 (Army)
  • LAP of M81 for U.S. TACOM-ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
  • Customers: LAP of 40mm M781 for OSC Rock Island and other government agencies. Description: This item is part of the Modernized Demolition Initiative (MDI). This item is nearly identical in use and function to the M60 Igniter. The M81 is compatible with Shock Tube or M700 Time Blasting Fuse.

Manufacture of Custom Ammunition for Armed Services

Our unique ability to manufacture almost any small caliber brass cartridge and/or bullet gives us the ability to perform very specialized operations. These types of contracts include manufacture of 14.5mm projectile and 7.62 * 39 ammunition.

Previous Subcontractor relationship with McDonald Douglass, Primex/CMS-DS/HITECH, General Dynamics, and Alliant Techsystems. Our future plans include expansion into more 40mm contracts; other pyrotechnic LAP projects and other government related sub-contracting.

Product Innovations

  • 40mm tracer – Plans to manufacture a Tracer version of the 40mm M781 TP (-T), for night training. We are looking for interested parties now.
  • 40mm night – Several possibilities for other night training scenarios.
  • 40mm low cost – Have lower cost version of M781. Call for inquires.