At MAST, our team can plan a strategy that will effectively increase production and decrease costs. By accurately assessing the needs of your facility, our experts are qualified to give appraisals and replacement cost evaluations on machinery. Our in house rates start at $85/hr for services up to basic engineering and administration departments. Daily for this group for travel start at $1050/day plus expenses. Technical consulting rates start at $125/hour for in house. This group has over 100 years of detailed ammunition consulting experience to include manufacturing know-how, ballistics, design, and export.

MAST's team of engineers has extensive knowledge within all aspects of ammuniti

  • Custom Design and Fabrication
  • Research and Development
  • Propellant Evaluation and Selection
  • Equipment Retooling
  • Specialty Ammunition Production
  • Equipment and Setup for Ballistic and Laboratory Testing
  • ISO 9001:2000 implementation into ammunition manufacturing

Custom Design and Fabrication

  • LAP of Specialty USMC Spotting Cartridge for NSWC-Dahlgren and U.S. Army Rock Island
  • LAP of 40mm M781 for U.S. Army at Rock Island
  • LAP of M81 Igniter for TACOM-ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal
  • Manufacture of Custom Ammunition for Armed Services
  • Previous Subcontractor relationship with McDonald Douglass, Primex/CMS-DS/Hi-Tech, General Dynamics, and Alliant Techsystems.