Demilitarization & Disposal of Ammunition

Recycling old ammunition through the disassembly and recovery of base components.

Government Contracting

A summary of our work experience contracting with the U.S. Government and Military.

Machinery Sales

A summary of the types of ammunition machinery, parts, and components we sell.


A description of the ammunition consulting we provide.


MAST can package your ammunition, ordnance, or other products to Mil-Spec standards.  We can use all (or partly) Mil-Spec materials and we are familiar with working from drawings and specifications to create the packaging needed for your contract requirements.  We can give the appearance of “Mil-Spec” without all certifications, if you wish to save a little on cost.

We are familiar with the following configurations:

-          M2A1 ammo can and wirebound
-          M548 ammo can
-          PA 120 ammo can
-          PA108 ammo can and Wirebound
-          Barrier Bags
-          Wire Seals

We are used to working with the following Military or Commercial Standards:

-          A-A-208
-          Mil-A-2550
-          Mil-Dtl-117
-          Mil-std-1168
-          Fed-Std-595
-          Mil-Std-2073

Machinery Wanted

A list of the ammunition machinery we are looking to buy.