Small Caliber Ammunition

  • Ammunition configurations:
    • 5.56mm – M855, M193, M856, frangible
    • 7.62mm – M80, M62, frangible
    • .50 Caliber – M33
    • 9mm – ball, frangible
    • .40 S&W – ball, frangible
      • Rifle calibers are available linked, boxed, in ammo packs, and in stripper clips. Pistol ammo is typically only available in 50- round boxes.
    • 5.56mm Linked Ammunition
    • 7.62mm Linked Ammunition
    • .50 Caliber Linked Ammunition

If there is another configuration that you require, please ask. We are happy to configure ammunition to our customers needs.

 BLACK GUN AMMUNITION To purchase commercial small caliber ammunition, please visit our sister company, Black Gun Industries.