Summer 2005 Press Release

  • July 2005 – 15 year Anniversary -  MAST celebrates its 15 year anniversary.  We have had over 5 different headquarters and over 500 employees.  MAST currently has 90 employees. .
  • Jim Bell, co-founder, is still with the company and the only remaining founder.  The Bell family has owned the company since 1996.  Mr. Bell’s first ammunition related business Brass Extrusion Labs Ltd. was sold around its 15 year anniversary.  There are no current plans to sell MAST.
  • Leadership Confirmation – Gerald Pickens assumed the role of President and CEO last year after the closing of the Nevada Operations.  He has been doing an excellent job.
  • May 2005 – Major Contract Award – MAST was awarded the M781 portion of the 40mm Systems buy contract with their involvement as a team member of Team DSE.  This is a 5 year IDIQ contract for all 40mm rounds procured on a annual basis.  The base year is around 2.8 million rounds of M781 with rumors of around 400,000 rounds in base year plus up.  The 40mm Systems buy is the largest small business contract ever awarded, split 55%/45% to 2 teams.  If all options are fully funded over the 5 years the total value would exceed 1. billion dollars.  MAST anticipates the contract should easily result in 32 to 42 million in sales over the next 5 years.
  • May 2005 – Sales Up – MAST’s 2004 sales are over 5 million dollars and an all time company high.  This is up from 3.2 million in 2003.  Projections for 2005 are in excess of 10 million.  With the 40mm Systems buy award 2006 sales might reach 20 million.