September 2004 Press Release

M781 Major Contract Award & Update – September 2004

  • On June 30, 2004 MAST was awarded approximately $8 million dollar base year contract for the production of 40mm M781 Training Practice ammunition. This is the largest contract for 40mm M781 award to the best of industry knowledge.
  • On July 15, 2004 the Nevada Plant was closed. The Bell Brass production line was sold to unnamed and not disclosed third party. There are no current plans for MAST to get back into brass cartridge production. MAST still has a large inventory that will continue to be sold out of the Missouri location 816 796 0480.
  • The M81 Igniter program is well underway. The first two months of full fabrication have been successfully produced, qualified, and delivered in excess of 100,000 units for the Marine Corps. We continue to produce and increase our capacity. ARDEC continues support MAST and be a good business partner. They have sent personnel to witness some of the LAT’s along side our local Quality delegation.

Consolidation of Operations – April 2004
MAST decided to consolidate its operations to its Lake City AAP facility in Independence, MO. This strategic move will assist in lowering the operation costs of MAST to be more competitive in the market place. All contracts will be moved to the Lake City facility. MAST will continue to sell ‘as-is’ ammunition machinery and Bell Brass cartridge cases. Rebuilt machinery will be considered on a case-by-case basis and the basic rebuild will be subcontracted out. Then MAST could handle the tooling, set-up and prove out. MAST is shutting down the brass production line and has a few interested buyers.

Mr. Gerald Pickens has taken the lead role in the company. This will allow a smooth transition from the shutdown of Nevada and consolidation at Lake City. Mr. Pickens has already done an excellent job in working all the situations that are involved in this massive effort.