January 2006 Press Release

  • 2005 Sales doubled last years sales to $11 million.  This is MAST’s third record year in a row.  FY 2006 sales have the potential to double again.  MAST is currently around 100 employees.
  • 40 mm Systems Buy – Base year quantity plus up to over 3.4 million rounds for 40mm M781.  Early estimates of option year 1 award is down around 2 million units.
  • M81 Igniter Option – MAST has received news of major option award, however exact quantities are unknown at this time.  Our contacts at the Army indicate that all service customers are very pleased with MAST’s performance and product.
  • Bell Brass inventory is now being sold by Buffalo ARMS they can be contacted atwww.buffaloarms.com or 208 263 6953.
  • Physical Plant – MAST currently occupies building 139, 142, 64A, 137A and 137 B totaling approximately 35,000 square feet. Growth of the company continues to increase our space requirements. MAST is in process in converting around 1,000 SF of second level of building 139 into 3 additional offices and 1 conference room. MAST is working with LCAAP to add an additional 10,000 to 40,000 SF of warehouse space. or 208 263 6953.