2003 Press Release

M81 Igniter Contract Award

  • On September 23, 2003 MAST was awarded a multi-million dollar base year contract for the production of M81 Igniter Time Blasting Fuse with Shock Tube Capability. The item is used in demolitions in all services. The contract is a 5-year contract with the potential total award to exceed $20 million dollars over the five years. In addition, the item is used by a variety of other services and as part of other MDI (Modernized Demolition Initiative) packages. Production is planned for the Nevada facility.
  • Spring 2003 – MAST is awarded 100% option (contract extension) on 40mm M781. Army requests that MAST extends its option an additional 25% and the Army has currently awarded 12%. We expect full extension award before close of 2003 fiscal year. This addition will require production though the end of 2004. The Lake City team ramps up production to 65,000 units per month to meet additional FMS and other government agency requirements, while continuing to get standard deviations at 2.4.