Company History

Company History In 1965 Jim Bell found himself in India as part of the Peace Corps. Having grown up in his family’s gun shop and being a trained gunsmith, he was drawn to the numerous collections of fine British double rifles he found there. However, these fine works of art had fallen into disuse since Eley-Kynoch stopped manufacturing ammunition for them in the early 1960′s. After leaving the Peace Corps, Jim stopped in London on his trip home to inquire at Holland and Holland, a manufacturer of British double rifles, about the lack of ammunition. They showed great interest in acquiring a source of ammunition for their double-rifles, and Jim Bell’s idea for Brass Extrusion Labs Limited (B.E.L.L.) was born. Read more.


  • Jay Bell CEO and Majority Shareholder
  • Jim Bell Engineering Manager and Company Founder


Press Releases

31 March

March 2015 Press Release

Twenty-five years ago, MAST Technology was launched by Jim Bell, the company’s founder, to fulfill the need for 9mm SMAW spotter tracer ammunition for the US Navy. Today, MAST is guided by Jim’s son, Jay Bell, CEO and majority shareholder, using the values and principles established by Jim in Las Vegas in July of 1990. The plan was to re-create Brass Extrusion Labs Limited (B.E.L.L.) sold in 1988. Jim’s heart longed for the small, under twenty-person operation to pursue his passions in the gun and ammunition world.Read more.