Mast Technology
We have manufactured a variety of ammunition-related products:
40mm rounds for grenade launchers
Small caliber ammo, including the 9mm SMAW spotter tracer cartridge
M81 time blasting fuse with shock tube capability
We sell a wide range of ammunition-related machinery:
Repaired and rebuilt pre-owned machinery
Custom designed and manufactured machinery
We provide a variety of ammunition-related services:
Demilitarization and Disposal of Ammunition
Production of Brass Cartridge Cases
Loading of Ammunition
Manufacture of Ammunition
Repair and Rebuild of Ammunition Machinery
Design and Manufacture of Custom Ammunition Machinery
Consulting in the areas of Ammunition design, manufacturing, and distribution
You can contact us by:
  Phone: (816) 796-0480
  Fax: (816) 796-0485
  MAST Technology, Inc.
P.O. Box 1026
Blue Springs, MO 64013
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