40mm M781

A practice round—used in grenade launchers such as the M79, M203 and M320 — with a powder-dye filled projectile that marks the point of impact during training.

Other Rounds/Items

Less lethal and tracer rounds.

9mm SMAW Spotter
Tracer Cartridge

LA spotting rifle cartridge for the SMAW (Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon).

Small Caliber Ammunition

5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 9 mm, .40 cal, and .50 cal rounds. See our sister site, Black Gun Industries, for additional small caliber ammunition.

M81 Igniter

A hand-held pull type igniter used to initiate the shock tube or M700 Time Fuse of MDI (modern demolitions initiative) blasting caps.

About Us

In 1965 Jim Bell found himself in India
as part of the Peace Corps.

Having grown up in his family’s gun shop and being a trained gunsmith, he was drawn to the numerous collections of fine British double rifles he found there. However, these fine works of art had fallen into disuse since Eley-Kynoch stopped manufacturing ammunition for them in the early 1960′s. After leaving the Peace Corps, Jim stopped in London on his trip home to inquire at Holland and Holland, a manufacturer of British double rifles, about the lack of ammunition. They showed great interest in acquiring a source of ammunition for their double-rifles, and Jim Bell’s idea for Brass Extrusion Labs Limited (B.E.L.L.) was born.
Demilitarization &
Disposal of Ammunition

Recycling old ammunition through the disassembly and recovery of base components.

Government Contracting

A summary of our work experience contracting with the U.S. Government and Military.

Machinery Sales

A summary of the types of ammunition machinery, parts, and components we sell.


A description of the ammunition consulting we provide.

Machinery Wanted

A list of the ammunition machinery we are looking to buy.